Pl. Almirante Bastarreche, 3 Jávea Puerto
(in front of the hotel mirarmar)
Tel: 96 579 1683
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Varadero. lettuce, tomato,anchovies,capers,smoked salmon, fresh cheese, olives
Puerto. lettuce, pinapple, avocado, shrimps, thousand island dressing
Ancla. tomato, onion and olive oil
Caleta. lettuce, onion, tomato, sweetcorn, asparagus, boiled egg, tuna, olives, beetroot
El Faro. lettuce, tomato, fresh cheese, onion, pepper, cucumber,olives, olive oil and oregano
Montañar. lettuce, chicken , thousand island dressing and boiled egg
Ensalada Pepe. tomato, fenollmarí, onion and olives
Ensalada de pasta. tortelini pasta, shrimp, swet corn, yogurt sauce
Endibias of Roquefort
Esparagus with mayonnaise
Melon with Serrano ham
Steamed mussels
Grilled Cuttlefish
Battered fried Squid
Blue whiting
Spanish omelet
French Fries
Fries in bravas sauce
Pork loin canapes
Catalan canapes
Anchovy canapes